What You Did



One moment. One accusation. One choice. That’s all it takes to destroy your life.

What You Did opens with a scene on a precipice. A group of six friends, long separated, finally reunited for a perfect dinner at host Ali’s beautiful home. But it’s the calm before the storm – because this perfect, blissful moment is about to be consumed by horror.

Ali’s best friend stumbles in, bleeding and traumatized. She claims to have been assaulted by Ali’s husband, Mike, who vehemently denies it. Nevertheless, he confesses a secret that he has kept hidden for decades.

She does not know whom to believe. The answer, no matter what she chooses, will only bring more ruin. Claire McGowan writes with such sophisticated, breathless suspense and pace that I felt myself swept up in the emotional charge of the novel immediately. It only grew, as I discovered deep-rooted suspicions and kinetic tension that knitted these multidimensional characters in a web that could not seem to let them go.

And as I raced towards the thrilling conclusion, I was reminded of the question I had to continually ask about the characters’ actions throughout: What would I have done? But by the final page, with the terrible truth laid bare, the question morphed into something else, as it did for them: If I had done the same, how could I live with myself?


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