Forgotten Bones



Have you ever seen something that seems completely impossible? For geology professor Eric Evans, seeing the unusual is par for the course; he’s had schizophrenic hallucinations for years. But there’s something about his latest vision of a young boy that unsettles him. He chalks it up to stress, and tells himself to get more sleep.

And then he sees a photo of the same boy on the local news…

Detective Susan Marlan has been investigating the murder of the young boy, whose body was found buried in a farm field. It should be a big case for her—the FBI and the media are hot on the trail—but her boss tells her to back off.

Eric goes to the police to talk to the detective on the case. His visions can’t be a coincidence…can they? But he also knows that there’s no reason for Susan, or anyone, to believe he’s not crazy. He has trouble believing it himself.

What makes Forgotten Bones so compelling is Vivian Barz’s convincing and well-researched characters. The characters behave realistically, challenging themselves, wondering how the impossible can be seemingly possible. Even when things seem irrational, Eric and Susan follow through, eager to uncover the truth no matter the cost.

A cross between Bones and SupernaturalForgotten Bones gives the police procedural an unexpected twist sure to delight new readers.


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